Comprehensive Building Restoration

GreenHeart Restoration and Millwork combines and balances traditional craftsmanship and leading-edge technology to provide world-class restoration and replication solutions.

Services and capabilities include:

  • Restoration and Millwork
  • Custom Fabricated Glass for traditional or upgraded IG Glazing
  • CNC replication
  • 3D imaging
  • Custom replication and restoration of stained, colored and beveled glass
  • Skilled Traditional Crafts

3D Replication

Our technology enables us to capture accurate 3D data that can be used for manufacturing to completely restore any object that has been damaged by weather, neglect, natural disasters, etc.

Bronze, plastic, rubber, foam, crystal, wood…

Milling, cold-casting, rapid prototyping, laser etching…

These are just a few of the multiple materials and processes that GreenHeart has the ability to create from your 3D model. After we have laser scanned or digitized your part, or if you have provided us with a model, we have virtually limitless options for replicating that object.


Enlargements, reductions, exact size replicas…we can do it all. After a Digital Model has been created or received, there are boundaries to how big or how small we can replicate your object

3D Scanning and CNC tools are critical elements of GreenHeart’s workflow. Utilizing cutting edge technology and workflow we are able to generate an unparalleled level of accuracy and productivity. CNC technologies have revolutionized the manufacturing world with regards to large scale production, but we have taken it to the next level. Heritage offers cost effective CNC at the single item and small production run level. All of this is made possible by our custom CNC scanning and modeling workflow. Our skilled and knowledgable staff have the capabilities to take your dream and turn it into reality.

Restoration Management and Advisory Services

For many aspects of restoration, the initial assessment of what to do is as critical as the work itself.  This is particularly so in areas of structural stabilization, masonry and plaster restoration, and roof leaks.

We have the right people, artisans in many trades who can provide the exact diagnosis and optimum solution, given the situation, budget and plans for the structure.