Windows and Doors

Thinking of restoring and preserving the charm of your original wood windows?

We restore and preserve your historic period windows in homes and commercial buildings. GreenHeart has developed the EnerG™ Window Restoration Systems. The EnerG™ System includes replacing the single-pane glass with high-quality insulated LowE or Clear “historic design wavy” glass. We repair or replicate the wood sash and pully systems and prime, paint or stain to match your window design retaining and charm of your original wood windows and enhancing the value of your home.

Our restoration and custom millwork team members are skilled in the traditional crafts of window restoration, replication, and custom millwork. No window is too complicated for restoration including specialty stained and leaded glass. We can replicate any missing wood part of your home or building, combined with our residential and commercial division, we can turnkey your restoration project.

Pre-Qualification package for Commercial Bid Projects is available.

Easy Steps to Making Your Windows New Again

  1. We carefully measure your windows and fabricate your glass
  2. Old sash took out, cavities in frame insulated, new tracks installed
  3. Sash removed, taken to our workshop, rerouted and new double-paned glass is installed. Weatherstripping is installed.
  4. Finished, weather-tight sash installed in your home.

Features and Benefits

  • Single to double pane window conversion
  • Keeps the original look of your windows inside & out
  • Replace old pulley and counterweight with a new hidden balance system
  • New tracks permit easy glide, fingertip control

Custom Wood Door Restoration

In need of door restoration? Our door restoration specialists are ready to help.

Why Us?

  • Professional Service
  • Door Restoration
  • Door Stripping
  • Door Refinishing
  • Fast Response Time
  • High Customer Satisfaction
  • Residential and Commercial Service

Greenheart Restoration and Millwork specializes in producing custom interior and exterior doors. We build for both new construction as well as reproduction work requiring period authentic millwork to maintain the historic or architectural integrity of a structure.  We can produce any incidental custom millwork you may need for your restoration, renovation, or new construction project.

Complete Tooling for Custom and Historic Woodwork

While many projects may require only generic period profiles and details, we have complete profile grinding equipment to produce custom cope-and-stick profiles and molding profiles in house.  We have an extensive library of door, molding profiles available and have resources for custom tooling that may be required to produce or reproduce your project. Through constant analysis of period construction details, close examination of construction methods and awareness of the history of both hand and machine woodworking, we strive to produce products that are as authentic as possible.

We believe that the most satisfactory and efficient plans for historic preservation are a compromise between the needs of our client and the intent of the original builder. We are prepared to produce sound, reliable work from old photographs, client drawings and even from salvaged historic fragments. We are always willing to share our extensive field experience with both owners and architects on an informal basis. However, clients often find it most cost effective to bring us into the design process early, as consultants to establish realistic budgets and schedules.