Make Your Windows New Again This Spring

Now there is a way to convert your cold and drafty wood windows into great-looking wood windows without the expense of buying new.

Introducing the GreenHeart EnerG Glass System. Our system turns your old sash or casement window into energy-efficient windows.

If you have an older or historic home, part of Heritage Community, commercial office, or retail building, chances are you won’t want to alter its overall appearance with replacement windows. With the GreenHeart EnerG Glass System, you can maintain the integrity of your architecture while increasing property value. Our double-paned glass system is approved for use in many historic districts as well.

Reduce Energy Costs

Up to 55 percent of the energy lost in your home or office building is through your windows. Cracks, openings, and loose-fitting windows can be the equivalent to a three-foot hole in your wall.

This loss can be reduced tremendously by using double-pane insulated Low E glass which cuts the amount of heat loss through conduction and radiation.

GreenHeart EnerG Glass insulated gamblers will further reduce heat loss because they drastically cut air infiltration. It keeps summer heat out and winter heat in.

Easy Steps to Making Your Windows New Again

  1. We carefully measure your windows and fabricate your glass
  2. Old sash took out, cavities in frame insulated, new tracks installed
  3. Sash removed, taken to our workshop, rerouted and new double-paned glass is installed. Weatherstripping is installed.
  4. Finished, weather-tight sash installed in your home.

Features and Benefits

  • Single to double pane window conversion
  • Keeps the original look of your windows inside & out
  • Replace old pulley and counterweight with a new hidden balance system
  • New tracks permit easy glide, fingertip control

Learn more about our insulated glass window system and how this window conversion process can benefit your home or office by contacting us for a free consultation and cost estimate.