GreenHeart Construction Group: building a true safety culture

Safety should be the most important thing your builder does on every project, every day

When work is performed safely, morale is high, the owner’s business goals are achieved — and, most importantly — everyone goes home to their families each night.

A true safety culture is built on a foundation of several key attributes:


Safety is an enterprise-wide commitment, from the top leadership to the newest hire. It’s about leading by example and encouraging others to follow your direction.


Peers should hold each other accountable for keeping each other safe. Safety is everyone’s responsibility.


Developing safety procedures and preplanning work is just the beginning. Following through is imperative to improving and maintaining safety on the job site.

Positive Reinforcement:

Recognize workers for following safety procedures and they will keep the positive momentum going. Because our craft workers recognized the importance of new COVID protocols, we have improved our safety performance — even during a global pandemic.

Make it Personal:

When workers get involved and take pride in promoting safety, you build a strong foundation for maintaining a healthy safety culture.